Friday, 25 May 2012

Personal Music Video Analysis - Positive

So... Sir said I should ask people I know about their tastes in music videos as a way of finding out about potential audiences. I'm a person, and I know me, so that's why I'm starting with me.

For the sake of just getting some ideas down this post is basically going to cover some music videos I particularly like and go into why I like them. Yes, unlike the common belief, I am actually capable of liking things - as opposed to being a figure of hate, sent here for the purpose of depressing everyone.

Subheadings are things I like to see in videos; some will contradict others but it'll make sense when I explain them. I think. Also should mention that videos will be links not embeds - little is more annoying than laggy pages.

More formal audience research will follow later down the line, but this should do for throwing random ideas together.

Strong Imagery

Basically, I think the imagery presented needs to be something that after watching, you'll begin to instantly associate with the song, and potentially the band. Best example I can think of off of the top of my head...

Whilst by today's standards the video's direction is pretty simple, there's no denying that the Queen II album cover-esque moments of this with the band members lip-syncing to Freddie's harmonies have become pretty iconic - to the point where it has spawned several parodies and is overall well recognised. This is exactly want the band/institution will want as well; the more recognisable something becomes, the more money it spawns.


I don't imagine this is a particularly popular kind of video overall, but I really like a good typography video. By "good typography video" I mean actually good, and not "well, I typed up the lyrics in Movie Maker"...

I like this because it moves at a reasonable pace, is well in sync and generally looks pretty clean. There's just something about seeing on-screen lyrics which move in time with the song that makes the video seem involving for some reason I can't quite identify.

Being Outrageous

I like videos that not only cross the line but set up camp on the other side. Like this:

Thank You Satan - Jason Paige (warning - whilst I am immune to offence, I am aware others are not. If you are easily offended, you might want to give this one a miss)

I think this works well as it's clear that it's going for the shock factor in the way that it opens using bright imagery one would usually associate with the Bible only to completely subvert this by turning into a dark ode to Satan in a way that praises everything Christians consider evil, whilst keeping to the religious music theme (such as the shots with him playing piano alone). Again, this could offend so many people, but the fact that it pushes every limit known to man makes me like it.


Sometimes simplistic performance videos just naturally work really well; I find this the case with artists I'm already familiar with. First thought that comes to mind is the new Hardline video -

Firstly, Johnny Gioeli is a legend. Secondly, aside from the conceptual parts of this (which I honestly just don't get) I think the simplicity of just having the band perform this in a big open area works really well, and matches the mature tone of the music. The sepia overlay used in a lot of the shots enhances this further.

Loose Narrative

Contradicting what I've just said, I do like it when videos have some kind of narrative - providing it's only minor.

I'm going to lose every ounce of credibility as a musical elitist by posting this but here goes...

This establishes an atmosphere, introduces some "characters" and does... not much else. There's a kind-of story going on, but it doesn't extend far enough that if you switch tabs for a bit you'll lose track of what's happening. That works well. I also like the humour going on throughout this; it's not in your face, but it's enough to give the video a bit of character. On that note, however -


I like videos that make me laugh, and I have to say that the Axis of Awesome are good at this.

This is fairly narrative-heavy, but it works well and gives a basic concept. It's also so out-there ridiculous it's funny. I've also got to say I love the professional sound system setup at the beginning.

The biggest appeal of this video is the humorous references to other artists, some of which are over the top weird or plain disturbing. You've also got the love the bad jokes ("Map. Map.").

So Bad, It's Hilarious

Not one someone would intentionally aim for, but one of my favourite pastimes is laughing at the failure of others. This is no exception with terribly bad music videos, such as -

It's just so hilariously ridiculous, as though someone during the brainstorming session had just went "I know, we should cram in as many flashing lights, fire graphics, explosions and badly green-screened backgrounds as is possible!". The result is this. Watch and enjoy.


Things I hate to see in music videos will follow soon.


Thursday, 24 May 2012


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