Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Pac-Man Fever Animatic Update II

So... another update is definitely necessary, because this is taking a lot longer than it should.

I've drew some new stocks for use in the video itself; these include both performance and running poses for the band members. These will be necessary to fulfil the different sequences I mentioned here.

Yes, I have had to recycle the drummer's art from the Great Escape video; this is because a) it took me a REALLY long time to cut the white out from that drum kit stock last time, and I can't be facing that all over again, and b) the bass drum skin here has the band logo, which going by the star image theory would be built up as an iconic part of the band's image. The size relativity here is a bit off between the guitar and bass, but that can be fixed with some creative placement in the final thing. 

The walking poses are really awkward because of my drawing - the guitarist looks particularly feminine, and bassman looks like he's on a tightrope. The drummer will be running around with his drumsticks; this is purely for humorous effect.

On top of this, we have four guest stars in the video!

(Character designs property of Namco/Midway)

These guys are going to star in the gameplay sections of the video, chasing and attempting to block the band members. 

Now I need to see if this LibreOffice software is as easy(?) to do this with as PowerPoint was for the TGS video; if not I'm going to be stuck using this TouchSmart which has a thing about BSODing at really inconvenient times, which would make this take even longer than it would otherwise. Also, I'm going to be having to use iMovie because I don't have FCP here. Fun times.

I'll see how will be best to go about creating the crowd of COTD's for the crowd shots when I get around to it.