Sunday, 16 September 2012

Porcelain Recreation - EYE

Update to show where I'm up to for the second video recreation:

I've decided to go for a recreation of Moby's Porcelain video as it seems fairly doable - this is the video in question:

I'm attacking the first minute of the video, which means there are two things which need filming - the close-up of an eye, and the vocal lip-sync.

So far I have the eye close-up filmed, and because I know everyone absolutely loves content of the not-text variety, have a screenshot!

Yes, this is my left eye, whilst the original video has a right eye. I will need to flip it in post production. I was originally going to film the right eye, though this filming required me to hold the camera close to my face, and I had the video playing on my computer in front of me. If I used my right eye, the camera would block the left eye so I wouldn't be able to see when I was meant to blink and when not to.

I intend to film the lip-sync part tomorrow after school. Once this is filmed, it will be a case of flipping the eye clip, rotating it slightly, cropping in closer on it, then overlaying the lip-sync clip. This will need cropping and feathering, which can be done in FCP.


  • My poor eyesight - It's hard enough trying to avoid naturally blinking whilst trying to film the close-up; but the fact that I have Arceus-knows-what problem with my eyes means that I find it hard to control what they're doing, so there are some minor hiccups in regards to timing. 
  • The return of shaky cam - This time it's due to difficult locations to film in as opposed to my general incompetence which we saw last year - I'm trying to hold the camera, watch the video and move my eye in time, which is somewhat difficult to do.

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