Thursday, 31 January 2013

Ancillary Production - Digipak Conceptualisation

Hey all, Knight of the Wind reference goes here...

Over the last few weeks I've had a concept come into my head for the front cover of the digipak. In short, the cover will be mostly black, with a photograph of myself in the centre. In this photograph, I will take some factors into account to make it have a very similar aesthetical feel to the video. This is for the sake of having a direct link between the music video and the album art - which reinforces the imagery of the product and makes it more recognisable.

  • The setting of the photo will be dark, much like the performance section of the video. If possible, I will have the photograph taken in the same location (in the Media suite in school), though this relies on practicality. Filming in the dark and photography in the dark are two completely different beasts.
  • Costume: I will be wearing the same clothes on the cover as I am in the performance section of the video; this is for the sake of having the previously mentioned synoptic link between the two promotional mediums, for the sake of branding.
  • Props: I will be holding the guitar, again for a link to the video. Whilst the guitar will be cut off as this will be a close-up, the strap will be visible to show that I am indeed holding a guitar.
Don't worry, this will all make more sense once I'm able to produce visual examples of what I mean...


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