Thursday, 7 March 2013

Production Update 8 - Music video first draft WIP

Analysis to follow later.

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  1. Harry, this is coming together nicely, but still seems a bit raw in places. You have the potential for a gripping narrative, and I like the fact that as the song progresses there is more emphasis and time dedicated to this narrative. I particularly like the flashback sequence. Of course the transitions look excellent.
    Nows the cons (the more enjoyable bit for me!)
    First off… there is an absence of camera movement during the performance parts. I know you use a variety of angles, but the stationary style is very conspicuous. When I look at most rock videos, there is usually quite a lot of camera movement (e.g. panning shots, arc shots, tilt shot, swish movements, shaky cam, crane shots). Check out Paramore’s “Decode” video – I know how much of a fan you must be.
    0:00 -- The opening seems to lack something. It just jumps straight into the middle of the performance. I know the song itself seems to just jump straight in, so arguably the video matches the music… but when I watch it, it just seems awkward. Check out “Heaven's Basement - I Am Electric” – it does nothing special but at least gives an idea of how openings can draw us in a bit more smoothly. You could even just start with a few seconds of noise in the style of your transitions, or perhaps use an establishing shot.
    0:15 - 0:18 -- The facial expression looks a bit bland. It just doesn't seem to match the intensity of the song. I think part of the problem is the length of time the shot holds. Close ups generally tend to be a briefer cut than medium/long shots. The two-to-three seconds you have here is perhaps too long, and brevity will help maintain intensity. I think it looks particularly awkward because it coincides with a moment when the music drops, so you should be trying to make the visuals more… can/t think of a word… more… more crazy (you have to love the technical terminology).
    0:00 – 1:00 -- Does there have to be your special transition between every cut? I’m not suggesting you reduce the frequency of the transitions as these seem spaced out really well, but perhaps you could insert a few more cuts, different angles or movements between the transitions. E.g at 0:40 you could cut to a split-second close up as you say the word “evil.”
    2:21-2:23 -- the lip sync is slightly off.
    0:00 – 3:08 – the balance between narrative and performance does not seem right to me. I guess it is a matter of opinion, but on the surface it seems that you just do not have enough narrative footage to sustain the video, and have tried to squeeze as much out of what you’ve got as possible. I would go so far as to say about 90% of the video is performance based. Any chance you can reschedule some narrative scenes?
    Right, now that I’ve picked holes in your work I feel much better about myself. I’m sure I can find more stuff too, but I’ll save it for the next edit. Until then, adios... and enjoy Paramore in the meantime.