Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Ancillary Production - Poster (Final Version)

There. Done. Hopefully now I will never have to look at my ugly mug in Photoshop ever again.

Changes since the previous version I went over in Photoshop yesterday:

  • The error with the logo (not being aligned properly at the right) has been fixed.
  • The font of the text at the bottom has been changed to be consistent with the text on the back of the digipak (OCR A Std). This a) looks prettier and b) helps develop imagery which is maintained across the brand. But you know that, because I've mentioned it god-knows how many times on this blog.
  • This text has also had its opacity lowered a tad, so it doesn't look quite so obnoxiously out of place. Simple blending at its finest.
So that's that finished. Huzzah.


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