Thursday, 28 February 2013

Production Planning - Narrative Direction

Thought I should make a post about some of the factors involved in terms of people, location and direction.


  • Street - there's a street near where I live which is quite built up, which will be suitable for the first confrontation.
  • Local park - Cedars. There are several spots here which will fit the right "quiet, but not private" feel I want for the second meeting. In particular, an area in the back field with a lone bench.
  • Alley - there is an alley near my house, with a corner which goes off to a road. This could work well for the third confrontation where my character shoves the other character out of the way.

  • Myself - actor, as the lead character.
  • Stephen - actor, as the victim character.
  • Chris - cameraman.

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