Thursday, 5 July 2012

Audience Research - Rock Video Feedback

Hey all,

A few days ago, I posted my results from a survey about what people like to see in music videos. Whilst I was able to collect a fair amount of responses, in retrospect I've noticed a few problems with this information:

  • The questions are perhaps a tad leading. The wording on some of the possible answers in the multiple choice questions seem to be a tad pushy towards one particular answer.
  • It's a tad too generic; I'd asked anyone who felt like answering to give responses. As it stands I'm more than likely to be making a rock video, and people typically have different expectations for different genres.
To gain more useful, information, I sent out messages and emails to people who I know on various forums and social networks to just tell me what they like to see in rock videos. This way I've managed to get some more relevant responses with answers that weren't prompted by the question. Believe it or not, there are actually people in this world who can bear to talk to me!

One trait I seem to be finding is that rock fans like seeing the artist perform. This counters what I found in the previous findings, where most people went for narrative videos...

Another comment I received which I found interesting was from someone who seems to prefer more mature tones in videos - even though this idea received little support in the questionnaire.

Whilst this input still isn't technically perfect - after all, with a more specific target demographic I wasn't able to get as much information - it has given me a more representative idea of what fans of the genre want to see.


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