Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Lip-Sync Montage Task

The lip-sync task, where I mime to Sonic Youth/Blue, Dressed In Black/Driving Rain/His World as practice for when I'll need to put a music video together for the final coursework piece.

I should note that I have a noticeable error in Sonic Youth - where the note goes on for longer than I appear to be 'singing'. This is because some of the long notes are artificially processed for effect, whereas others are Johnny Gioeli actually holding the note, and I got myself confused.

The colour alterations are purely there to make things look more interesting; four identical shots of me standing in front of my wardrobe seems a bit dull.

I honestly don't know what my eyes were doing through this.

Sir - this comes to longer than the original task's request because I had the last minute idea to do His World with the split-screen and felt that it needed to be done, if only for the sake of getting used to lining up multiple tracks to be in time with audio. If this is a problem, let me know and I can re-edit to get it down to three minutes.


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