Tuesday, 10 July 2012

FotL Recreation - Full Speed (Export 1)

Another WIP upload; this time I have chosen the best of the raws (the fourth one), sped up the video to 200% (to meet the speed of the original song) and synced up the audio.

Syncing up the audio has been particularly tedious; at school earlier I got it just about right after seemingly hours of "nudge it left a bit, nudge it right a bit" in FCP, and exported it on to the memory stick so I could upload it when I got home.

Problem? When I got home I found that part of the sound skipped during exporting, meaning there were two moments where the clip was dead silent for a fraction of a second. Sure, it was so minuscule that no-one but me would have noticed; but I am a nitpicker and won't accept it not being right (especially after how unsatisfied I was with the sound mixing of the project I'd worked on last year). Because of this I had to repeat the whole "left a bit, right a bit" process in iMovie (as I don't have FCP here...) before uploading. Fun.

Still to do is to find a way of making the jumpy effect; I believe this can be done by manually cutting and shifting individual parts around (again, using the "left a bit, right a bit" method), but I plan on looking to see if there's a quicker way of doing this before I resort to the long-winded method.


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