Wednesday, 24 October 2012


What happens when one of the most incompetent guitarists ever tries to play a song by a fantastic guitarist?

This happens. This is me trying to learn how to play one of the parts of the song which will be performance in the video. For the sake of the production I need to learn how to play it to a standard which will allow me to mime the song convincingly; I filmed the many, many attempts in this video to try and get used to moving my hand to the right places on the guitar for it to look right if the song were to be dubbed over. This is going to take a LOT of work; as you can see I'm still pretty slow in terms of calling where I need to move to whereas the song itself is of a high tempo.

Ignore the hideous sound quality - it comes from a combination of my hilarious lack of skill, a cheap amplifier, and the fact I was recording with the Bloggie.

Eh. I do start screwing around at the end. If you need a good laugh at my expense, watch this video.


EDIT: By the way I am aware I'm playing in standard tuning whilst the original song is in C. This won't matter when I'm miming.

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