Sunday, 14 October 2012

I Am... All of Me - A look at YouTube comments

I had the crazy thought that it might be an idea to do some audience research for I Am... All of Me by looking at... YouTube comments. Yes, it may be a dumping ground for casual racism and homophobia, but at the end of the day, it does still give an indication as to whether people like the song.

I'm going to be looking through the comments of this video. Remember that this song was originally used in a videogame, so not all of the comments will be relevant - so I'll skip over those. Also remember that I am just copying and pasting the exact wording of the comments, so the views expressed are those of members of the YouTube community and not myself.

"1 person disliked this? Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?!!! He/She's gay."
News just in: your sexuality is dictated by your taste in music. If you dislike this song, it -obviously- means you're a homosexual... -_- Anyway, this person does like the song.
 To be fair, this is the same kind of reaction I had when I heard the song for the first time.
"So catchy"
Catchy songs can often be commercially successful as people remember the hook, so this could be useful for the sake of marketing the track/video.
"Awful game, love the soundtrack. But that's a given for most Sonic games."
Sonic soundtracks are always fantastic bar the GBA games and Chronicles so I'm in agreement. This person likes the song.
"Wow... This... Was... EPIC!!!"
 Another positive.
"do it do it do it... This is Very COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL"
"Stupid Guy:I Hate The Game And This Song
Stupid Guy:Why Did You Puke?
Me:Cause Im Allergic To Trolls Like You!!"
...Interesting comment. Still in favour though!
"the most badass song ever"
Can also see where this person is coming from!
"when i mess shit up i always listen to this song"
I can't see what point they're trying to make here...

I've gone a few pages in and haven't found any overly negative comments about the song itself (though there is still plenty of aggressive hate towards other things like the videogame it's from and individual users, in true YouTube style) so I think in general the YouTube community are quite in favour of the song.


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