Saturday, 16 June 2012

Animated storyboard stock art

We have time to start putting stuff together on Tuesday (well actually, we had time to start a couple of weeks ago, but I've been doing other productive things such as ICT coursework and remixing the Creative Media students' advertising work using electronic and pseudo-dubstep samples I found online) so I've had to do a bit of prep work on PS here in regards to putting stock images together to use in the digital storyboard.

Should warn in advance: this video will be set in an alternate universe where guitar straps do not exist, and guitars float in front of their player's bodies. If Harmonix can get away with it, so can I.

 The guitarist is a simple looking chap, he's there because he's there.
 The bassman is also the lead singer. He's a lefty because "why not?", and he has a P-bass because they're cool. I was originally going to kill the hat, but in the end I thought as he is singing he's technically narrating - so he's the one with the growing insanity, and the hat is acting as a block stopping his mind from working properly.
This guy thinks he's cool because he gets to hang around with musicians. He has a cigarette hanging out of his mouth because a lot of rock musicians are known to play whilst smoking (at least they were, before the smoking ban came into play a few years ago which as a non-smoker I will say is a ridiculous idea, but I digress. We'll pretend the void-like location they're playing in is their own private property), so in a way it's conforming to viewer expectations. Also, having a laid-back drummer playing along with a song about psychological problems acts a bit of comic relief. It's funny when it's clear that the drummer is at the wrong gig.
Spiders. They act as the conceptual aspect of the video as I mentioned in the last post. One of these has an Outer Glow, as I haven't designed the void setting yet, I'm not sure whether it'll be necessary to make them visible.

I'm pretty sure I'll need to draw up more angles etc. once I know what is needed - I'm going to start off by putting them together in PowerPoint keyframe by keyframe to see what looks right before drawing more.


EDIT: Turns out you cant see these particularly well on the black background; this is because they are transparent PNGs. Here are the links for reference -
Guitarist - Bassist - Drummer - Spider (Glow) - Spider (Raw)

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