Wednesday, 27 June 2012

FotL Recreation - Signs

So, we're filming tomorrow, and there's one major aspect which we need to get in the video to have the right effect - and that is, of course, the signs to be held up by the 'blue men'.

It annoys me that it's not possible to get proper recreations put together, but unfortunately I do not own or have access to a printing firm. Instead, I've had to do the next best thing and create copies by hand. Yeah...

I started this using just printer paper and black pens (going by what was available), and an hour and a half (and half a rainforest) later I think I have everything covered -

I've reinforced the joints with some good ol' tape, with the exception of the "You don't know them but they're cool" sheets as they need to be ripped. There are two of those, meaning we have two attempts before having to stick them back together with tape. I also plan on bringing more paper with me for if disaster should strike in any way.

Also, other things from my checklist -
- Camera is charged
- Camera has space free on its internal memory
- I have extra necessities packed should they be needed - drumsticks/guitar straps/picks.

Let's see how this goes tomorrow.

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  1. Wish there was a like button on blogspot. Good work. Cannot wait to get to pretend to be Falco*. MY guitars are in the building.

    * perhaps one the saddest statements to ever fall from the typing fingers of a 31 year old man, granted.