Monday, 18 June 2012

Future of the Left video uberslooooooowwwwwwwwww

Resource we're likely to find useful when filming the recreation prelim -


Video for INTERACTIVITY. Because passively sitting back and staring at a video is more interactive than sitting closer and reading something for yourself. Right?

This is the song and video at 50% speed. The idea I had here is that it'll work as a reference to show the cast before filming so everyone has a rough idea as to what to do, as well as acting as an audio and visual reference whilst filming (will probably play through Sir's laptop as it's the biggest screen we'll be able to get hold of in the small room, providing he doesn't get in a fight with it beforehand).

Some things to note -

- The speed. Is still a little faster than natural movement, but I decided to keep it at exactly 50% slower so it's easier to edit together in post production. Will have to employ a little creative artistic license to cover for this. I was originally going to use 25% as mentioned before, but at 25% it appeared unnatural,  which would kill the accuracy of the finished product.
- Jumps. It's still very jumpy - originally I wasn't sure if the jumps were an illusion from the speed modification or altered artificially afterwards, but the slowed down version confirms it is the latter. We'll have to just film it naturally and then leave me to do some trickery in iMovie/FCP. I have a couple of ideas on how to tackle this, but I'll cover more about that once I've actually tried testing 'em.

I now need to acquire some people to be band members and men in blue. This could be challenging.


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