Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Problems (part 1 of ∞)

I'm at a bit of a block here...

I've been looking through the lyrics for The Great Escape and ideas-wise I have reached... absolute nil. From a lyrical point of view it makes sense to have a more surreal conceptual piece, but the song itself seems a little too up-tempo for it to work effectively.

From what I can pick out so far it needs to involve someone going insane; which is beneficial because from a conceptual point of view there's a fair bit which can be done with it - I just need to use my brain and find it. I also need to get a bit of performance in, if only to highlight the fantastic bassline in this which so many people would otherwise overlook...

Actually, I think I may have just had an idea whilst writing this. It involves the band performing and lots of spiders. Spiders represent the darkness/fear (with the lyrics this could represent the corruption in the narrator's mind - he always feels the need to run away from things), and this could have a greyscale gradient map thrown over the whole thing to portray the darkness further.

Who knew that rambling on the internet could actually be productive? Time to get sketching, methinks.

It annoys me how I want to give the bassist a bass that looks like Paul McCartney's new Hofner that he played Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da on last night but it's too bright to fit in with the context of this...


Band concept I threw together; bassman is the frontman, band is called Temporary Veterinary (because why not?). Now to go throw the phase of drawing these guys up in PS frame by frame...

EDIT2: Digitalised versions of band members -
This will make putting all the head-on shots together easier; will have to draw separately for alternate shots.


  1. 1) "if only to highlight the fantastic bassline" - it is isn't it?

    2) Interesting idea abut the spiders - I look forward to your next update.

    3) Liking the sound of the band name, has a really convincing tone to it.

    4) Inaction and Can't Lose by the same ar good too.

    1. 1) I will honestly say I'm pretty much always drawn towards what the bass is doing in anything first; of course that's only when it's real bass as opposed to this WOBWOBWOB rubbish where they've basically put an electronic bassline down but mixed it waaaay too loud.

      2) Spur of the moment idea I thought could work; tempted to also include running shots (first person/point of view?) blocked by dark insects. Will have to see if it works.

      3) Haha, is actually a reference to Temporary Secretary from McCartney II (a.k.a. the album which proves electronic music doesn't have to be bad). I wanted something which rhymed and still sounded cool, this works :D

      4) Will have to check those out later :)

    2. 1) Wobwobwob is fun to Google and then ready the massive YouTube arguments about the nature of bass and the quality of headphones.

      2) Good ideas.

      3) I knew it sounded familiar.

      4) Only if you get chance, mind. I'm just astounded I managed to find something you didn't have to sit thorough in frustration and deep, deep pity at my taste in music.